Creating a lifestyle that suites my passions.  

Up until recently I had a fairly typical American life. I grew up in Michigan ,went to Western Michigan University for Mechanical Engineering and worked in Automotive Engineering.Growing up we had a family sailboat we sailed extensively on Lake Michigan. When I was a teenager my father decided to start a charter business on a 125' topsail schooner called the 'Young America'. The business ended up falling through and we moved back to Michigan. But my love for sailing and schooners in particular endured. In my mid twenties I purchased a home in Grand Rapids, Michigan. After 6 years in an Engineering career and 2 years of home ownership I decided my life wasn't quite where I wanted it to be. I searched for a new boat that could take my life in a direction guided by my passions. I found the Blue Starr 1 in Port Alberni, BC and took a giant leap of faith. I purchased the boat and in May of 2016 packed up my old Ford F250 with my motorcycle, dog (Otto), and what little belongings I kept to make the move to the Pacific Northwest. I look forward to documenting our adventure and sharing with the world in the hopes of inspiring others to follow there passion.